Polished floor: use these 2 ingredients and it will be like new. You already have them in your kitchen!

Floor like new with 2 simple ingredients

Polished floor: use these 2 ingredients and it will be like new. You already have them in your kitchen!

Having a floor that’s always shiny and bright is certainly no small feat, so today we’re going to look at how to make our floor look like new with 2 simple ingredients .

When we choose something, the first thing that catches our attention is the floors. The floor is an essential furniture and like a precious piece of furniture, it tends to give an extra touch to our home.

There are various materials , marble, ceramic, terracotta floors, parquet .

house floor

At the supermarket we can find detergents to clean all types of floors, but if we want to see our floor looking like new, we will need 2 simple ingredients: white vinegar and liquid dish detergent .

So let’s see how to proceed to make our floor like new .

Let’s make our floor shine

As we know , white vinegar , an ingredient we usually have at home, is an excellent ally for domestic cleaning, it is actually a descaler , a stain remover, a detergent. In addition, it is certainly a slightly aggressive detergent, applicable for that on many surfaces.

Dishwashing detergent is also excellent , widely used for ceramics because it has excellent stain removal properties, also ideal as a degreaser. So let’s see how to combine these two ingredients to have an excellent ally for cleaning floors.

detergents and bucket

All we need is a bucket of water , preferably hot, into which we will pour half a glass of vinegar , and 2 drops of washing up liquid . Then we can add drops of essence to our taste to give the mixture the smell we like most.

By using this compound for daily cleaning, not only will we have shiny floors, but we can also whiten the much-hated joints between the tiles, which usually tend to yellow.

Good floor hygiene is essential to ensure a healthy environment . If you have children, it is even more important to ensure cleanliness and use non-toxic products that, when in contact with the skin, do not create reactions.