How to make orchids bloom easily

Sending an orchid as a gift is not only a sophisticated surprise to celebrate someone who loves plants, it is also a gift that can last a long time. Orchids will bloom many times during their lifetime if kept in good conditions. As delicate and complex as these wonderful plants may seem, it’s good to know that it only takes a few tricks to get them to bloom again.

Here are our tips for making sure your orchids rebloom:

Keep the plant in a clear plastic pot

orchid roots

Keeping orchid roots in a clear pot or container is an underrated point for many people, but it is an important tactic. There are several reasons for this:

First, the plastic container makes it easier to inspect the roots for overgrowth and pests while also being useful for checking their overall health. The main reason, however, is that the clear pot allows the roots to be exposed to the sun so they can get the nutrition they need. The plastic pot can always be placed inside a larger decorative pot to make the plant look even more beautiful.

Use only bark chips instead of potting soil

Orchids grow wild in swampy areas of tropical forests. Therefore, it would be best to try to maintain the plant in an environment that replicates these conditions. Although bark chips do not hold as much water as normal potting soil, they do have the advantage of absorbing all the moisture the roots need. Their mobile nature gives roots the space they need to thrive.

Dip plant in water to irrigate

watering an orchid

If you water orchids with the same type of watering can you use for other plants, you could easily over or under water the roots. Orchid roots need water everywhere and only after they have dried out thoroughly since the last watering. Just like in the tropical storms they are used to, which flood the soil. Generally speaking, you should soak the plant about once a week, or a little less often, depending on the season and how dry it is.

Drain off excess water

This point is critically important. Orchids need enough water to grow in the growing medium, but they should not remain submerged after watering. Make sure excess water is drained from the pot as much as possible so that the orchids do not remain in the water after soaking.

Trim the stem at the third eye after the flowers have fallen

trimmed orchid stem

Once the orchids have enchanted you with their flowers and as soon as they have fallen naturally, proceed with pruning. To ensure that the plant continues to grow, it is important to make sure that it does not waste energy on the dried out branches, so a little pruning will help it to restart the flowering process. To make sure you don’t cut too much, check the “eyes,” those little round notches on the stem, and cut the stems at the third “eye” from the bottom.

pink orchid in the house

As you can see, it doesn’t take long for orchids to last. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy the elegance of your orchid for months and months to come. Don’t forget to share this message with the special person you are sending orchids to so they can enjoy them longer.