Discover the Wonders of Fermented Garlic Honey: How to Make It and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Fermented garlic and honey is a wonderful concoction that combines the health benefits of garlic and honey with the added advantage of fermentation. Here’s how to make it:


  • Raw organic garlic cloves
  • Local honey
  • Optional: Lemon and rosemary for extra flavor and benefits


  1. Prepare a Clean Glass Jar: Start with a clean glass jar. Ensure it’s thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. Peel Garlic Cloves: Peel the desired amount of raw organic garlic cloves. You can use as many as you like, depending on the size of your jar and your preference.
  3. Add Garlic to the Jar: Place the peeled garlic cloves into the clean glass jar.
  4. Cover with Honey: Pour local honey over the garlic cloves until they are completely covered. At first, the honey may be thick, but it will gradually thin out over the next few days.
  5. Stir or Shake Daily: During the initial days when the honey is thick, turn the jar daily to ensure the garlic cloves are fully coated with honey. Once the honey starts to thin out, give the jar a gentle shake, and then return it to a dark, cool place.
  6. Burp the Jar: In the first couple of weeks, you may need to “burp” the jar to relieve pressure. Simply release any air from the jar and then re-tighten the lid.
  7. Fermentation Period: Allow the garlic and honey to ferment for at least 6 months or longer. The longer it sits, the milder and sweeter the garlic cloves will become.

Benefits of Fermented Garlic & Honey:

  • Detoxification: Garlic aids the body in removing heavy metals, promoting detoxification, and preventing colds and signs of aging.
  • Anticancer Properties: Garlic helps fight against cancer, particularly lung, colon, and breast cancers, and inhibits tumor growth.
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral: It protects against bacterial and viral infections, improves digestion, and boosts the immune system.
  • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: Garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


At the first sign of a cold or flu or when you feel under the weather, you can eat a clove of fermented garlic and take a teaspoon of the honey. If you prefer, incorporate them into your meals by adding honey or garlic to salad dressings, sauces, or drizzling honey on bread or other dishes. Enjoy the health benefits of this homemade remedy!