Boston Cream Poke Cake

It’s very simple, and you can bring this to a variety of events, and it’s the perfect cake to have on hand for those people who want something unique, and something that’ll really kick their tastebuds into high gear as well.

Ingredients :

1 box Yellow Cake Mix (plus box ingredients)

2 small boxes (3.4 oz) Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

4 cup Milk

1 container Chocolate Frosting


First, take your yellow cake mix and prepare it in the same way that you would with the regular cake instructions. Bake it as directed on the box.

Let it cool down and then, adjust it so that it’s a little bit warm

With the handle of a spoon, take it, and then poke tiny holes in an even fashion all across the cake.

From there, take your milk and your pudding, whisking all of this together until it’s totally blended and smooth.

Take the budding and then, place it over the holes of the cake, putting a little bit into each of the holes.

From there, take the cake with the pudding inside and throw it in the fridge, allowing for the pudding to settle. This might take a few hours for it to fully settle, so keep that in mind.

From here, you can prepare your frosting by opening up the container, taking the seal off, and then, putting the frosting in a bowl. Some microwaves can handle having the frosting in the container, just be mindful of it.

Put the frosting in the microwave for about 15 seconds, stirring it for a bit, and continue to repeat this until you’re able to pour the frosting.

From here, remove the cake from the fridge, and then pour the frosting over the layer of pudding, using a spatula to cover the whole cake fully with the chocolate frosting.

Let it sit in the fridge once again for a few more hours before you pull it out and have it


Why is it Called a poke cake?

This is called a poke cake because it involves poking holes inside the cake, and then pouring the filling inside.

This is something that creates a unique cake for people to enjoy. Some people really like this kind of cake because it’s so easy to put together.  Plus, when you poke it, it offers a chance for the cream filling to come in, offering a burst of flavor.

This is a cake that’s best left inside the fridge, since you are working with pudding, and that isn’t as good if it’s left out in the sunlight. Plus, it keeps the frosting nice and chilled to really enhance the flavor of this, and to make it some of the best cake that you can enjoy.