This oil is worth its weight in gold for the skin, it eliminates all impurities and signs of aging

Try making this homemade skin oil. You will be amazed at the result: it removes impurities and signs of aging while deeply nourishing the skin.

Taking care of your skin is very important . It should be done from an early age and it is necessary to help the face to produce collagen and elastin that with time are no longer produced by our body. However, in addition to using products bought in perfume stores, you can also make some with simple products.

In fact, below we will see how to make a very simple skin oil with only two ingredients. One of them is aloe vera which has multiple benefits and properties for the skin. In fact, since ancient times, this has been used in cosmetics precisely for its positive effects.

In fact, aloe vera helps to treat some skin problems as it has anti-inflammatory and healing action. It is also an antioxidant and is also soothing and cooling. So let’s move on to creating a homemade oil with aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera oil: here’s how to do it

So today we’re going to look at how to make an aloe vera oil that you can apply on your face to even out and moisturize your skin . It can be used alone or paired with a night cream to make it richer. You will need: an aloe vera leaf, 250mm of olive oil or any other oil of your choice such as almond, coconut or jojoba oil

You must first put the aloe vera leaf in a large container and leave it like that for 24 hours . This will release substances into the water and you will see that the water will become slightly colored. But be careful for this other it will not be used. We then proceed by putting a pan with water on the fire.

aloe vera

Now cut the aloe vera leaves into small pieces and then remove the outer part and make small pieces and add them to the oil you have chosen, poured into a container that will go into the pot with the water . Let’s then melt these two in a water bath and it will take about 30 minutes.

Be careful to turn from time to time and never let the oil boil. After about half an hour, we will let the oil with the aloe vera rest for a day, covering it with cling film . So the next day, using a strainer, it is filtered, removing the pieces of aloe and obtaining only the oil. You can use a mortar or a spoon to crush the remaining pieces of aloe vera.

aloe vera oil

The oil is ready so you can use it in different ways. Aloe is not a succulent plant and this created oil has several properties. It will soothe the skin but not only because it also reduces inflammation due to acne. But it is also ideal to go and lighten skin spots or stop the signs of aging.

These are the uses that can be done on the skin of the face but