Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake

*To make this cake, you will need a few simple ingredients:
°850g. Fresh strawberries
°3 hotels of milk.
°2 split whip cans.
°2 parcels. From flavored dessert.
°Graham biscuits, enough to make a medium crust.
+For cream cheese, a medium-sized container was used at room temperature.
°Sweetened condensed milk: 1 medium can suffice.
*Methods :
Step 1:
She washed fresh strawberries properly, then sliced them thinly, putting them aside later.
Step 2:
Put on the bottom of a medium baking tray Graham’s biscuits.
Step 3:
Blend sweetened condensed milk with cream cheese until light and fluffy using an electric blender.
Step 4:
After that, I put on the milk and pudding mix and hit it for another 3 minutes.
Step 5:
For the filling, pour over Graham’s biscuits with a layer of strawberry slices inside, then with another layer of cream, then with another layer of strawberry slices, making one, two or three layers of cream.
Step 6:
I put the dish in the fridge to cool for at least 6 hours, but I prefer to leave it overnight.
Step 7:
For the top, Graham’s biscuit residue was used; Sprinkled crumbs on strawberries and served them!!
Every time I tried a strawberry cream cheese box cake, I stole my heart!! The flavour, smell and creamiest piece in my mouth is incredibly delicious!! Every time I set it up, you still don’t forget!! So try our recipe and don’t forget to show us the results in the comments below!!
Enjoy it!