Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner: Plus, 6 Handy Bathroom Cleaning Hints

Going the Extra Mile: Achieving a Truly Clean Toilet

Commendable job on utilizing your trustworthy toilet brush to clean the bowl. However, let’s delve into an often-overlooked aspect—cleaning the brush itself. While your toilet might appear impeccably clean, there’s an uninvited guest: germs from past cleaning sessions, courtesy of your faithful companion, Mr. Toilet Brush. Not exactly a pleasant thought, is it? To tackle this issue head-on, I recommend taking a simple yet effective step: soak the entire brush in vinegar overnight. For a comprehensive cleanse, consider adding a bleach soak as well. And if it’s been some time since you last replaced your brush (ideally once or twice a year), it might be a good moment to do so.

But the cleaning journey doesn’t halt at the bowl and seat. Think beyond these surfaces. Picture this: every time you flush, a flurry of bacteria, water, and less-than-pleasant substances takes flight in your bathroom. Hence, it’s vital to meticulously clean every inch of your toilet, from the base to the bowl, to maintain a truly sanitized environment.

Now, let’s chat about surfaces—specifically, the toilet paper holder. It’s a curious thing, isn’t it? The number of times your hands grace its presence. Don’t let this unsettling realization linger; make a habit of regularly disinfecting the entire toilet paper holder, maybe even seize the chance to swap out the roll while you’re at it.

As someone with a background in pediatric nursing, my fixation on cleanliness is profound, especially when it comes to handles and knobs. The toilet handle, in particular, enjoys a high-touch status in your bathroom. Even if you’re certain you’ve meticulously cleaned the flusher handle area, a quick additional wipe is prudent before you call it a day. Trust me, it’s a tad unsavory, but a necessary step.

With these six tips etched in your cleaning repertoire, achieving a genuinely spotless toilet in your bathroom is well within reach. And for more enlightening insights, including a recipe for a DIY Natural Toilet Cleaner, remember to check out my blog, Raising Whasians, where all the details await!