How to restore the glory days of your cookie sheets

Cookie sheets have a very annoying property and it is getting stained and dirty in a short amount of time and this frustrates a lot of people. But don’t lose hope just yet. If your cookie sheets start getting covered in burnt on residue, use this cleaning hack to restore the glory days of your cookie sheets and make them shine again.

source: MuckyWump

You will need these ingredients first:

  • Brillo heavy duty sponges
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • baking soda

Let’s face it, these props can already be found in most of the houses, and if not, a simple visit to a store will be more than enough for you to get these items

source: PureWow

Once you get all of the ingredients, start by sprinkling baking soda on the grimy parts, then add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to make the surface barely wet, and be careful not to make the surface too pasty.

Once done, put on some gloves and grab the Brillo heavy-duty sponge and start scrubbing as if there’s no tomorrow. Once done, add in some more baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and keep scrubbing. The process may be tiring, but totally worth it.