How to make a yellowed toilet seat white again: a few steps for a guaranteed result

A few steps and a few ingredients work to turn the toilet seat white again

Always having a clean and tidy bathroom is essential for good hygiene, but often you have to deal with the yellowing of the toilet seat . With a few simple steps and no cost, it is possible to make the pad white again, as if it were new. Fortunately, to make this possible, it will not be necessary to use chemicals like bleach.

During a rough cleanup due to lack of time, it is normal for objects to wear out or turn yellow, especially if they are white plastic objects. Specifically, we are talking about when the toilet seat , which was initially white, turns yellow due to time and quick cleaning. To be able to clean it properly, simply two ingredients are enough; one is the very famous baking soda and the other is white vinegar. These are ingredients that are present in every household and require no financial outlay.


In order to remove the annoying yellow color of the toilet seat , dictated by daily use and poor cleaning, it is necessary to combine the two ingredients. Together, these form a powerful disinfectant . So start by cleaning the toilet with an antibacterial product and leave it for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, mix three tablespoons of baking soda in a small container and add about 50 ml of warm water.

Mix to create a thick mixture, a sort of paste, then apply it to the bar. Leave the mixture on for another ten to fifteen minutes. Next, apply the white vinegar, also using a spray bottle. Leave for another ten minutes and then scrub with a sponge. Rinse and dry. With this method, the toilet seat will return to its original white color.

With these very few ingredients and a little patience it will be possible to achieve the desired effect. Perform this procedure at least once a month to prevent the tablet from turning yellow again.