8 Ways To Use Baby Powder In And Around The Yard

Even if you don’t have a baby, you should go ahead and buy that bottle of baby powder the next time you see one. Yes, you can use baby powder to absorb grease from your hair. But did you know that baby powder also offers a ton of benefits when it comes to gardening? Here they are!

1. Deters Critters

source: Knox Gardner

Wild critters (especially rabbits) love to munch on young plants. To discourage them from eating up your whole garden, sprinkle some baby powder onto the soil around the plants. The plants won’t be harmed, but the critters will stay away.

2. Softens Gloves

source: In My Kitchen Garden

If you wear gardening gloves for hours at a time, you’ve probably noticed that they can be tough to get off afterwards, and can leave your hands feeling rough. Sprinkle some baby powder in your gloves before putting them on to solve both of these problems.

3. Protects Bulbs

source: Zone Five and a Half

Planting bulbs can be extremely frustrating when mice, squirrels, and other critters are constantly digging them up. To give your bulbs a fighting chance, coat them in baby powder before burying them.

4. Deters Ants

source: The Plant Guide

If ants are calling your garden home, it won’t be long before they find their way into your actual house. Sprinkle baby powder along walkways and door frames to deter them from making their way inside.

5. Deters Beetles

source: Gardener’s Path

If beetles are constantly munching on your leaves, sprinkle them with baby powder. Reapply the baby powder regularly, and the beetles will eventually stop coming around.

6. Deters Aphids

source: Hobby Farms /iStock

Another insect variety that hates baby powder? Aphids. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on the soil in your garden or in any other places you’ve noticed aphids hanging out.

7. Gentles Tools

source: Miracle-Gro

If you work with spades, clippers, and other garden tools regularly, the handles can give you blisters. To prevent these tools from hurting your hands and skin, apply some baby powder to the handles before using them.

8. Deodorizes Gardening Boots

Most of us have designated shoes or boots that we only wear in the garden. If hours of gardening in the dirt and heat have made yours stinky, sprinkle them with baby powder and leave them to sit overnight. In the morning, vacuum it up and your footwear will smell lovely.