3 Tips for a Deep-Clean of Your Washing Machine

Baking soda is a versatile home remedy that can be used in many ways, both in the home and in the garden. The powder neutralizes odors, has a bleaching effect and even removes soap residues and grease stains. Sodium bicarbonate is therefore also an excellent way to clean your washing machine. It works as simple as that.  Experts recommend cleaning the washing machine every 50 wash cycles. However, you don’t need an expensive cleaning agent, just some baking soda. Alternatively, you can enhance the cleaning effect with citric acid or vinegar. Here are 3 ways to clean your washing machine with baking soda.

Cleaning washing machine with baking soda

  1. Put baking soda directly into the washing machine

Put a small cup of baking soda directly into the washing machine drum or detergent compartment. Then run the washing machine at the highest possible temperature without laundry. Most washing machines have a 194 °F program. Here you will achieve the best cleaning effect, as all possible germs and bacteria are killed.

  1. Vinegar increases the cleaning effect

To increase the cleaning effect, you can use vinegar. In this way, you also decalcify your washing machine at the same time. Simply put a small cup of baking soda directly into the washing machine drum and a generous sip of vinegar into the fabric softener compartment. Then start the 194 °F program of your washing machine.

  1. Decalcify the washing machine with citric acid

To descale the washing machine, you can also use citric acid instead of vinegar. To do this, place a small cup of baking soda in the washing machine drum and one to two spoons of citric acid in the fabric softener compartment. Now proceed exactly as you did with the first two methods. Simply start the 194 °F program and enjoy a hygienically clean washing machine.

Would you have thought that the washing machine could be cleaned so easily with baking soda? Theoretically, you could also use baking soda for your project. However, pure baking soda is much cheaper and available in larger quantities at the drugstore. You can also use baking soda to clean the drain, make your own bath bombs, or make toilet tabs.